May 22, 2024

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CD review: Giorgi Kiknadze Quartet – Paysage 2019: Video, CD cover

The debut CD “Paysage” by the Georgian bassist Giorgi Kiknadze, who lives in Hamburg and has recorded with his longtime fellow players and friends Frank Delle (sax), Lukas Klapp (p) and Konrad Ullrich (dr), is peppered with dedications.

On the one hand for people he admires and fascinates him, such as the composer Alban Berg or gunfighter Wild Bill Hickok. And on the other for people whom he loves and who influenced him. People from two different countries, maybe even worlds, both of whom he sees as his own. For his family in Georgia, but also for his “own” new family in Germany. For friends from both countries who can not be more different. And just as different is the music: lyrical, free, powerful, gentle, painful, sad, loving and full of hope.

  1. Normi MN
  2. White Mountain
  3. Power Man
  4. I.C.U.N.
  5. Dead Man’s Hand
  6. Mimi’s Lullaby
  7. Melancholia
  8. AnnieBunnie
  9. Little Song for Luk

Giorgi Kiknadze – double bass, composition
Frank Delle – saxophone
Lukas Klapp – Piano
Konrad Ullrich – drums

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