May 27, 2024

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Great atmosphere at The Little Blues Festival 2019: Photos, Five videos

This year’s edition of The Little Blues Festival in Bergen could present a good selection of bands and artists from several places in Norway, including Trond Olsen, Tommy Kristiansen, The Jelly Roll Men and Jolly Jumper & Big Moe.

On Friday, it was the Westerners who got fun on stage at Madam Felle: Po ‘Boys from Haugesund, not unknown BB Lyngs Bluesband, DB’s All Stars Band feat. Trond Olsen, Annelise Ringsbye and Kristin Bergsvik and 3 For The Show with Tommy Kristiansen as a guest.

It all started with the acoustic trio Po`Boys who started quietly and warmed up the audience. Then, DB’s All Star Band scene, the band where the initiator of the festival, Dag Bergesen, joined several of his good musical friends. The band members switched to playing solo and the choir for each other, and it was obvious that they had fun together on stage, which also infected the audience. And always when Dag is involved, good stories with well-known dry humor are served.

Next out was BB Lyng Bluesband, which this evening brought along two beautiful female soloists on several of the songs, Annelise Ringsby and Kristin Bergsvik. Together they created great atmosphere and life among the public.

Last band out Friday was 3 For The Show with the occasion for his special guest guitarist, Tommy Kristiansen. Here it was clear that many had been looking forward to a terrific guitar show, and they were not disappointed. It was amazing. Tommy is a well-known guitarist in Kurt Nilsen Band. As a studio musician, he has played with a large number of great Norwegian artists, such as Alan Walker. Later in the year he will tour with the same Walker, as well as tour with his own material, Hallelujah friends and Christmas tour with Kurt Nilsen.

Tommy Kristiansen and Dag Bergesen. (Pictures: Arve Reistad).

BB Lyngs Bluesband with Annelise Ringsby and Kristin Bergsvik.

Saturday afternoon it was clear for the acoustic scene, and here it was Olav Undeland from Voss who was first out. A very dedicated audience listened to the stories and music of Olav, it was incredibly nice to experience such a responsive gathering. Olav can also be heard on Blues & Roots Weekend in Ulvik in March, only for information…

This Saturday afternoon we also heard Jolly Jumper and Big Moe. A closer performance is not needed, these are two guys who have played together for a lifetime and who have many stories to tell. As when Jan Erik Moe draws on unknown episodes from the Prudence era, which didn’t even know Kjell Inge. Fun. Jumper & Moe brought several visiting fans from Stjørdal or “Home in Hell” as they said.

Stor stemning på Den lille bluesfestivalen

In the evening, Frets was the first feature on stage: Johnny Paulsen (git / wax), Svein Netland (bass / vocals) and Mikael Chauvet Jørgensen (drums). We heard American folk blouses from the 30’s, and also a guest performance by Jan Frode Larsen on harmonica.
3 For the Show and Tommy Kristiansen were back on stage on Saturday night to great cheers. It must be mentioned that in addition to Tommy Kristiansen, Steinar Lyssand is also an eminent guitarist and singer, he makes it so simple …

Sivvah is a band consisting of seven musicians who play their own composed material in the genres pop, rock, jazz, funk and blues with Elin Elisabeth Eggen as front figure and songs. She has a great voice and a compact band behind her.

As a conclusion to The Little Festival at Madam Felle we were served “the real thing”, real, raw authentic old school, low down Chicagoblues with The Jelly Roll Men from Gjøvik and Toten.

More “real” blues one this hardly exists on land. Many of the audience clearly knew the band from before, and they definitely got even more fans in Bergen after this evening.

All in all, it was a very successful weekend for both the organizers and the audience – it is just to enjoy next year.

The Jelly Roll Men serverte old school Chicagoblues – med ropert!

The Jelly Roll Men serverte old school Chicagoblues - med ropert!

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