May 23, 2024

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CD review: Alejandro Kalinoski – Check In 2019: Video, CD covers

Jazz pianist and composer Alejandro Kalinoski presents a powerful disc in trio formation. With majority of own pieces and a classic sound, it is presented as a very interesting appearance for 2019. It edits the Club del Disco.

Recorded in January 2018 in the increasingly popular studio of Florencio Justo, Doctor F, this first record as leader of his own trio comes to Alejandro Kalinoski after a long career as a jazz pianist, producer and member of important bands of the local scene, like the Porteña Jazz Band, which he joined for eight years. Lately he has shared the stage with renowned musicians such as Rex Richardson (United States) or Daniel D’Alcantara (Brazil). The disc was presented in public averaging December of last year, and of course it will reach members of the Club del Disco and specialized record companies during 2019.

His partners in this lineup are Mauricio Dawid on double bass and Nicanor Faerberg on drums, two young musicians but with an important journey already in the local jazz environment. The disc starts with divergent paths, original composition (in all senses) of high tempo and full sound. Then the theme that gives name to the album, also with a striking harmonic architecture. This could be one of the main characteristics of the composer, although the ballad in three nocturnal words (track 3), a waltz reminiscent of Bill Evans, shows a more romantic, melodic side.

Then the classic I Should Care, first standard of the album, marks a new beginning in the album. It is always a challenge to attack familiar issues, with the obligation to say something. The trio goes out well, without strange devices, appealing to the musicality. Kalinoski does not intend to dazzle by speed, but builds solid solos in which the use of both hands is fundamental.

The whole album is of an amazing regularity. It is enough to see the duration of the eight tracks: the shortest one is In blue mode (6), of 4’11 ”; the longest, I Hear a Rhapsody (7), lasts 5’23 ”. In this last one it is recommended to pay attention, in the exposition of the subject, to the subtle arrangement of contrabass and drums.

A wonderful engineering sound, international level. A luxury to bring this album to our partners to start the year.

  1. Caminos Divergentes
  2. Check In
  3. Palabras Nocturnas
  4. I Should Care
  5. El Beso de Afrodita
  6. En Modo Blue
  7. I Hear a Rhapsody
  8. Blues In The Closet

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