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CD review: Chris Byars – A Hundred Years From Today 2019: Video, CD cover

For the past ten years saxophonist/composer/arranger/educator Chris Byars has passionately excavated and re-examined earlier gems of music by jazz’s historical contributors such as Gigi Gryce, Lucky Thompson, Freddie Redd, Duke Jordan, among others.

For this album Byars penned nine original compositions as a tribute to jazz greats who turned 100 years in 2017.

“Chris Byars has done a remarkable job reviving these neglected compositions of Frank Strozier while also putting his own stamp on them with his inventive arrangements.” – Ken Dryden, NYCJR on ‘The Music Of Frank Strozier’

02.A Hundred Years from Today
03.San Juan Hill
04.Money Can’t Buy
05.All the Things Are Redd
07.Elevated Tracks
10.Mountain Top

Personnel: Chris Byars (tenor saxophone), John Mosca (trombone), Zaid Nasser (alto saxophone), Stefano Doglioni (bass clarinet), Ari Roland (bass), Phil Stewart (drums).

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