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CD review: Walt Weiskopf European Quartet – Worldwide 2019: Video, CD cover

Featuring jazz tenor giant, composer, author Walt Weiskopf, and three of Europe’s most exciting rhythm section artists: pianist Carl Winther, bassist Andreas Lang, and drummer Anders Mogensen, the album showcases the confluence of the most sought-after and highly-acclaimed contemporary international jazz musicians of our time.

Recorded in Copenhagen at the conclusion of WWEQ’s European and Scandinavia tour earlier this year, “Worldwide” is now available for pre-order until May 2, 2019, and features all compositions written by Weiskopf, rounded out with “Soultrane,” written by Tadd Dameron and “The Pawnbroker” by the legendary Quincy Jones.
“The chance to work with musicians of like-mind is priceless,” says Weiskopf. “I’ve had the opportunity to perform with these three amazing Danish jazz musicians for the past few years. Our collaboration together to record ‘Worldwide’ is the culmination of these efforts thus far.”

  1. Entebbe 5:45
  2. Back in Japan 5:39
  3. Soultrane 5:22
  4. Russian Roulette 4:16
  5. Marcie by Moonlight 4:31
  6. Back in Brazil 4:53
  7. Oceans 4:46
  8. The Pawnbroker 5:09
  9. Scottish Folk Song 6:50
  10. Coat of Arms 5:10

Walt Weiskopf tenor saxophone
Carl Winther piano
Andreas Lang bass
Anders Mogensen drums 

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