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CD review: Amadeu Adell – Innsbruck 2019: Video, CD cover

Alzira’s double bass player Amadeu Adell began his career as a jazz musician in 1995 in a self-taught fashion, after having been playing electric bass professionally as a session musician, performing tours and recordings with different groups and artists , such as The Platters, Easy Reader, East, Four Tops, Pimpinela, etc.

In 1995 he founded the group Jazz Nossiene with the pianist Pedro Aznar. With this group they released a loan in 1997 with their own compositions. In parallel to that same year, with his group Amadeu Adell Quintet, he is selected by INJUVE to perform a tour of different communities.

In 2003 he published the cedé Innsbruck, an author’s work composed and produced by Amadeu itself, edited by Omix Records and distributed by Nuevos Medios. In December 2004, he recorded his latest work under the title Liles, an assignment with a contemporary approach in which you can appreciate influences of different styles that are merged in their own compositions. In this event, saxophonist Vicente Macián, guitarist Buenaventura Marco, singer Ester Andújar, trombonist Toni Belenguer, flautista David Casany and drummer Juanjo Garcerá have collaborated.

As a session musician he has played or formed part of different groups, such as Sheila Jordan, Perico Sambeat, Plilip Caterine, Steve Marcus, Jef Jerolamon, Ximo Tebar, Lidia Welington, Ricardo Belda, Sedajazz Big Band, Joan Soler-Ramon Cardo Quartet , Aljazzira Big Band, Jef Ballard, Felipe Cucciardi, Jaume Pedros Group, Big Band Mediterranea, Celia Mur Quartet, Mikel Casany, Bolit Jazz, Ester Andujar Quartet, David Pastor, Max Sunye, Tanjia Shilinsky, Albert Sanz, Antonio Serrano, etc.

In other fields parallel to jazz, as is currently Flamenco, he is a member of the company of Charo Cala, with the show Para las seis cuerdas, participating among others at the Seville Biennial Festival of Seville 2004, under the direction of Fernando Zurro. Likewise, since 1998 he has collaborated with classical music formations such as O.S.A. (Orquesta Sinfónica de Alicante), the Setabense Classical Orchestra, the Vesperale Quartet (fusion of Baroque music and jazz) and the Amores percussion group.

In the pedagogical field, he has been a lecturer at the Sedaví Rock Workshop (1995-1997), at the Valencia Music Classroom (1996-1998), at the Benimaclet Music Workshop (1996-1999) School of Modern Music of Alzira (1998-2003).

At present, in addition to leading his own group, he is part of Jaume Pedrós Group, and from the group of the flautist Andrés Belmonte Acoustic Project. He also works as a session musician with most jazz musicians.


01. Vals for Andrea
02. Tass
03. Mr. Marc
04. Ingava
05. CTT
06. Innsbruck
07. Bolillos
08. Tass (Remix)

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