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CD review: Martin Brandqvist Quartet – Relations 2019: Videos, CD cover

A second album by a quartet formed in 2016 by Swedish composer, drummer and multi-instrumentist Martin Brandqvist. Debut album “Reflections” was acclaimed by Swedish jazz journalism, and ranked second in the Golden Disc 2016 poll. This work that follows is a release from the long-established label PROPHONE.

Tenor’s Inge Petersson Lindback looks a bit like Michael Brecker (per collaboration with Klaus Orgman), and tenor fans pay attention. It is a work in which the performance full of humanity full of humanity was developed.

At 17, he was behind the drums and companion dad Håkan, Matz Nilsson and Ove Ingemarsson at the Jazz Club Nefertiti in Gothenburg.

As an actor, he has worked with Marika Lagercrantz and Peter Oskarson. And as a composer, he has made film music for children’s films, including the award-winning Fourth King.

– My curiosity has led me to many different places, says Martin Brandqvist from Harplinge.

But not until recently, this curiosity led him to create something very own.

– I have done a lot of music for others. But there has always been a special need to do something I want, and now it was time. Then my brother Emil, who has succeeded well in getting his music out, has inspired me.

The debut album is jazz and is called “Reflections”. It was released in November, is recorded in Martin’s own studio at home in Dalby in Skåne, mixed in renowned Swedish gramophone studio in Gothenburg and mastered in the Yellow Studio in Malmö.

– It is a gathering point for everything I have done, says Martin Brandqvist, who plays on the album with Inge Pettersson Lindbäck (tenor saxophone), Mats Ingvarsson (bass) and Johan Ohlsson (piano).

– It is musicians that I have played for a long time and who have given a lot to the album. They are good at taking care of the intuitive that comes in the music, says Martin.

The songs are instrumental short stories, based on personal experiences from recent years, which can be heard on the song titles, says Martin.

– I try to use it live and tell something about each song.

Martin Brandqvist is originally from Harplinge. While growing up, the music was always close at hand, Dad Håkan constantly practiced or composed the piano at home, and when one day he put a drum kit in the basement, Martin switched the flute to the drumsticks.

Although in his teens Martin played in the Genesis-inspired band Tellus Anima with, among others, Anders Herrlin and Göran Fritzon, it was jazz that caught him. In particular, Weather Report’s dramatic and image-creating fusion made a strong impression.

– I got a lot of melodies early with me. But being as young as being surrounded by talented musicians also made me put very high demands on myself.

Martin believes that “Reflections” is the first thing he has done that he feels really happy with. It has given added flavor, but the next step may have to wait a bit.

– Upcoming plate is almost ready. But I think we first want to play live for a while, says Martin. – Oskar Carlsson

01. You and I
02. On The Other Side
03. Now Then
04. Never Too Late
05. Crossing Water
06. Ginge
07. The Family
08. The Caretaker
09. All The Things We Are

Martin Brandqvist (ds, per, fl, cl) 
Inge Petersson Lindback (ts) 
Mattias Hjorth (b) 
Johan Ohlsson (p) 

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