May 22, 2024

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Exotic visit to the world’s most beautiful Blues festival 2019: Photo album, Video

Blues Beatles from exotic Brazil made their first concert in Norway up a slope inside the Hjørundfjord on Sunnmøre. Trandalblues had invited a band the few have heard of, but a band that performs melodies and texts almost everyone has a relationship to. Beatles music in the blues wrapping went well, and rarely did so many among the audience sing along on the songs. (Photo: Arve Reistad).

It was Hilde Louise Asbjørnsen and Sykkylven Storband who opened the festival weekend 5.-6. July. There was not a lot of blues, but it was still an emotional and soulful concert, which even lured the sun and the warmth of Trandal.

Eksotisk besøk på verdens vakreste bluesfestival

The trandal prize went this year to Sykkylven Storband by musical director Åge Frøystad. The Bratt & Blue Board justified the award with their long involvement in the music environment, ever since 1976, and for their work to get young people into music life.

Reidar Larsen cost himself as the next artist. Mr. Blues has been to the festival before and is always one who captures his audience.

Geir Bertheussen Blues Express provided a tremendous end to the main scene on Friday. The audience did not want to let go of them, but a game boy Geir and the band often played a little extra. To great rejoicing from the audience they went 20 minutes over time.

The Jelly Roll But played in Løa both Friday and Saturday to the great pleasure of the audience there. But it was on the main scene on Saturday they really got to unfold with their old school Chicagoblues. They looked to get many new fans over the weekend.

Roffe Wikstrøm has been working on the festival for several years to get hold of, and finally it has managed to get Sweden’s indisputable blues song on the program. If the GB Blues Express was a highlight, then Roffe was definitely that too. He burst into energy and empathy with his soulful Swedish texts. We got a show in eminent guitar games. So to you who are going to the festival at Notodden, know their visiting time!

Another long-distance band was the Lachy Doley Group from Australia, who made Norway’s premiere at Trandal. The trio created a great atmosphere with its super-energetic soul, blues and rock. In front, Lachy Doley reigned with his keyboards as a kind of “Hammond organ Jimi Hendrix”. He gave us, among other things, some solos that gave associations to Rick Wakeman. The band also served some more laid back music, so there was good variety and a good concert. Doley is without a doubt a fantastic keyboardist. He has played 200 shows around the world and is known for his videos on YouTube that have millions of views.

To finish the festival Saturday, Trandalblues had hired half Norwegian Rick Estrin & The Nightcats. The band always delivered the goods. With a Rick and Kid in a very good mood in front, it became a worthy end to the festival, – a festival that takes place in the most spectacular surroundings one can imagine. A festival everyone should visit once – and those who make it are guaranteed hooked …

Kid Andersen og Rick Estrin

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