May 24, 2024

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Orland Blues Festival commemorates Tore Rostad. Vidar Letho contributed musical musical allegories at the festival: Photos, Video

In the midst of the turmoil between the concerts during the anniversary festival at Brekstad, the organizers held a mark for Tore Røstad, one of the founders of the Ørland Blues Festival. Among the musical elements this year was Vidar Letho.

The first festival was held in 2000 and this year is the twentieth in a row. Tore Røstad was one of the members of the first board of the Ørland Blues Club. He was undoubtedly one of the biggest, if not the biggest, driver to get his feet stacked on a festival. He was also a man who made demands.

Ørland Bluesfestival mintes Tore Røstad

– He yelled at me several times, for good reason, says a clearly touched festival manager Syver Srøbka from the stage at the nightclub Barrock, where most of the concerts were held this year.

Festival Manager Syver Srøbka awards the honor to Tore Røstad’s widow, Rita Røstad. (Photo: Snorre Berg).


In the hall was Rita Røstad, the widow of the father of the festival. She was called up to receive an award that the blues club had arranged. Helge Hopen also sat in the hall. He is now a pensioner, but until recently worked at the photo department of Ørland’s main air station. Hope’s sharp look for good photo motifs has not gone unnoticed, but the lesser thing is that he is also an excellent draftsman.

From a photograph of Tore Røstad where he plays bass, Hopen has made a great drawing of the late festival general.

– He looks exactly as we remember him, Srøbka can confirm.

Varied musical menu

Friday could offer a varied musical menu with both softer music directed by Frode Alnæs and hefty swing blues with Fosen’s own Blue Aspic. When they swing loose, they can trigger the dance foot on a desk cheese if they want. It also appeared on the dance floor. At Alnæs on the second floor there was stinn bracken and he showed why he had such a good grip on the audience in Ørlandet.
Earlier in the evening, the band Rawdhouse made a clean table with a harsh variety of blues. The band has a very good guitar player.

Frode Alnæs on Siver’s porch. (Photo: Snorre Berg).

Musical Ablegoy with Letho
Saturday was a jam session, in keeping with the tradition from the best years to the festival. Here, several of the artists performed, including multi-instrumentalist Vidar Letho. Without the humor to play, he showed his full musical qualities, this time on the keys. Usually he is watching with the guitar. Letho was, by the way, so much so that he, on his own initiative, captured the scene after Alnæs had made his Friday. Here he did, among other things, musical Ablegians by performing some feverishly funny versions of metal classics. He has not lost energy since he was on business in 2013.

Other artists on the 20th anniversary were American Heather Crosse and Anthony “Big A” Sherrod, Little Andrew and Jolly Jumper & Big Moe. The latter has actually performed at all the 20 festivals under the auspices of Ørland Bluesklubb.

De lokale heltene i Blue Aspic.

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