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CD review: Ron Carter – Foursight. Stockholm, Vol.1 – 2019: Video, CD cover

The strings vibrate gently. Accurate tone, unconditionally clear. And quietly. The longest fingers of jazz seem to dance weightlessly along the wooden bridge; yearning, filigree and elegant.

No one else sounds like Ron Carter. His double bass often produces a crisp groove like an electric bass, yet it is always clearly definable as the sound of a classical music instrument.

“With us, nobody knows exactly what happens when. This is precisely why every concert is a real challenge. We almost always play 35 to 40 minutes without a stop. No breaks, just slight changes that show the beginning of a new song. This kind of thing only works with this band! … It’s like giving a private concert in a living room, or we could be a chamber music ensemble that develops the power of a large orchestra without leaving a certain volume level. We have undoubtedly succeeded in doing so in Stockholm. I really love this CD!” – Ron Carter!!!


01. Cominando (7:39)
02. Joshua (8:51)
03. Little Waltz (7:04)
04. Seguaro (10:35)
05. Cominando, Reprise (2:00)
06. Nearly (13:10)
07. You and the Night and the Music (7:57)

Ron Carter – bass
Renee Rosnes – piano
Jimmy Greene – tenor sax
Payton Crossley – drums

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