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Jyra Bluesklubb at Sandan in the Nordfjord 22nd edition of FjordBlues 2019: Photos, Video

Conducted Fjyra Bluesklubb at Sandane in Nordfjord on the 22nd edition of FjordBlues. American Hannah Wicklund was the headliner of the year, and this was her very first visit to Scandinavia.

It is reported from Sandane that she impressed greatly at her three concerts during the festival, especially at the acoustic intimate concert she held alone for about 80 people in the rooms at Gloppen Hotel (pictured).

Publikumsrekord for FjordBlues

Audience record for FjordBlues
American Hannah Wicklund was the headliner of the year.

The club in Northwest Norway has for many years been good at bringing in new exciting and more unknown artists from home and abroad. This year’s festival also had a clear female profile, as a majority of this year’s band had ladies as front figures or singers. In addition to the Tronder band Tora, this was the case for all four regional and local bands from the surrounding area. Also English Elles Bailey made his Norwegian debut at Fjordblues with his mix of rock, blues, soul and americana.

Above: Elles Bailey Norway debuted at Sandane. Sub: The Jelly Roll Men with Knut Reiersrud. (Photo: Arve Reistad).

“I’ve long wanted to perform at FjordBlues here at Sandane, and finally I’m here,” said Knut Reiersrud, who for the occasion played with The Jelly Roll Men. This was the first time he visited Fjyra Bluesklubb, and the audience at FjordBlues showed that they greatly appreciated the visit.

New of the year was an outdoor concert in the square in front of the town hall on Saturday during the day. With 3-400 people at this concert, there was a solid audience record with a total of 2100 visitors for FjordBlues in 2019. Of this, the audience at the three concerts for children and young people in the municipality’s cultural hall accounts for almost half. All three and more of the daytime concerts in the city center were free to the public, so even with a record-breaking audience, it is uncertain whether this year’s festival will turn a profit.
– We only know this in a couple of weeks when we have an overview of all the expenses, festival director Hans Andenæs tells Bluesnews.

Andreas Dahle Aagård and Tora Dahle Aagård.

Mikkel and the Reverockers held a concert for kindergarten children and the smallest schoolchildren where they presented famous children’s songs in new and rock style. The cultural hall at Sandane was fully packed (375 people) during the concert. (Photo: Arve Reistad).

Fra utekonserten foran kommunehuset.

From the outdoor concert in front of the town hall.

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