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CD review: Kyle Eastwood – Cinematic 2019: Video, CD cover

It is no longer a coincidence when Kyle Eastwood’s road crosses Marseille Jazz’s programming of the five continents.

It’s even expected … “When do you go back,” he had us launched when going back on his train, “At the exit of my next disc! He had promised us. And he keeps his promise. It was on the occasion of the national release (November 7th) of “Cinematic” that we made an appointment with one of the coolest jazzmen on the planet.

“My new Cinematic album is dedicated to my second passion, cinema. My first passion is music of course, but I thought it would be great to be able to revisit and interpret some of my favorite composers’ music. I wanted to select themes that most people will recognize but also some lesser known themes that can be adapted for a jazz quintet.

Kyle and the cinema is obvious to everyone, he who wrote and composed a lot of film music for his father, Clint Eastwood, but here it is another approach: Kyle wished that with his group (they have been traveling the jazz world for almost 20 years now), they take the great themes of the greatest composers to arrange them in their own way.

1. Bullitt (5:47)
2. Taxi Driver – Theme (5:39)
3. Les Moulins de mon coeur (5:47)
4. The Eiger Sanction (7:12)
5. Gran Torino (4:36)
6. Pink Panther – Theme (6:28)
7. Per le antiche scale (3:02)
8. Charade (5:41)
9. Unforgiven (3:54)
10. Skyfall (7:17)
11. Gran Torino (6:20)

Kyle Eastwood: acoustic bass
Quentin Collins: flugelhorn
Andrew McCormack: piano
Chris Higginbottom: drums
Hugh Coltman: vocals

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