May 29, 2024

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CD review: Paul English, James Metcalfe, Ed Calle, David Liebman – Girl in Green 2020: Video, CD cover

New from Big Round Records comes jazz composer and pianist Paul English’s GIRL IN GREEN.

The album features never-before-heard renditions of immortal classics as well as English’s original works. Listen as English and his cadre of masterful soloists carve a place for themselves in jazz history.

GIRL IN GREEN is an album that was almost lost forever. Paul English recalls performing at the Texas Jazz Festival in 2000 with an extraordinary lineup of musicians accompanying him on stage. The magic was there, and the group booked two last-minute recording sessions at a nearby studio to capture it. Shortly afterward, the small record label English was signed with folded, and the recordings were locked away for nearly two decades – until now. GIRL IN GREEN features the best takes from these recordings. English leads his players through legendary jazz tunes like Equinox by John Coltrane and Solar by Miles Davis. The album also features English’s original works, including the title track, Girl in Green. English demonstrates his virtuosity and knowing mastery of the jazz canon throughout the album; his tasteful piano work is grounded in tradition yet bears his unique signature.

Paul English’s GIRL IN GREEN captures the electric thrill of seven expert jazz cats collaborating in real time. Listeners of all ages and backgrounds will find themselves wrapped up in the rich humanity of these performances. Don’t miss the chance to revel in these rescued treasures.

01. Equinox (8:05)
02. Beautiful Love (6:35)
03. Girl in Green (5:47)
04. Sometime Ago (6:48)
05. Solar (5:35)
06. One Final Word (5:52)
07. Blue in Green (5:29)
08. Missing Lady (6:21)
09. A Taste of Honey (7:53)
10. Unconditional Surrender (7:13)

David Liebman, soprano & tenor saxophones
Ed Calle, soprano & tenor saxophones
Dennis Dotson, trumpet
Paul English, piano
Brennen Nase, bass
Mike Drake, drums
James Metcalfe, percussion

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