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CD review: Jerry Bergonzi – Nearly Blue 2020: Video, CD cover

A fount of harmonic ingenuity, melodic integrity, and rhythmic authority, Jerry Bergonzi has long been a standard-bearer of sorts for the jazz community. A prolific composer prone to taking deep dives that put serious theory into profound practice, his discography is filled with smart and imaginative originals that twist and turn in unexpected fashion.

But a passion for standard gems of yesteryear, the lingua franca of jazz, also fires his creative impulses and figures into his work. In fact, the tried-and-true classics serve as a source of limitless potential for his horn. This follow-up to his ‘Spotlight on Standards’ (SCD2158) session once again features Bergonzi’s slightly off-center take on the tenor-organ-drums trio format while the songs on this set list function as both reminders about Bergonzi’s eminence in the jazz world and love letters from the man to the music.

“I just adore the melodies of these tunes. I love standards. People always tell me, ‘Man, you’ve got to make more records like this,” Bergonzi says, “and I’m happy to oblige. I’m just delighted that Savant is totally behind me and this music.”

1. It Might as Well Be Spring (7:37)
2. Countdown (6:07)
3. How About You? (5:37)
4. Tectonic Plates (5:23)
5. Nearly Blue (8:18)
6. On Green Dolphin Street (4:51)
7. We’ll Be Together Again (4:49)
8. While You Were Out (6:03)
9. Nice Work If You Can Get It (8:19)
10. Laura (7:26)
11. Higgsboson (Bonus Track) (6:17)

Jerry Bergonzi (tenor saxophone)
Renato Chicco (B-3 organ)
Andrea Michelutti (drums)

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