May 22, 2024

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CD review: Rémi Panossian Trio – In Odd We Trust 2020: Video, CD cover

In ten years, with more than 500 concerts outside of France, this trio has become the emblem of French jazz abroad. Rémi Panossian, founder of the group, was named Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres at the end of 2019 (!); a shame for what remains above all a bunch of mischievous friends, constantly oscillating between the second and third degrees like the cover of this fifth album, close to the universe of Wes Anderson.

We no longer distinguish what is predictable from what is not, what is expected from what surprises, evidenced by their music which juggles between set-ups and improvisations, never far from the burlesque but never falling into it. The RP3 is also and above all melodic riffs that come in through one ear to never come out. Music with grooves chiselled in a haute couture style, and with a deep lightness in the compositions and arrangements, punctuated by a Sound that has become signature, in line with the great trios which have redesigned the exercise of the piano / bass / drums formula. recent years (The Bad Plus, EST, Avishai Cohen …). But no one is a prophet in his country. If the RP3 is sold out in Asia, South America – and North America, almost everywhere in Europe, it is paradoxically in France where they are least recognized for their creativity, their long career and their sweet madness. So it may be to avoid accusing them of one of the worst carbon footprints in the French scene that it must recognize the talent shown by these three thirty-somethings in this bizarre adventure of ten – so short – years.

01. Seven Hills (3:39)
02. Vengeance tardive (3:41)
03. After Van Gogh (4:26)
04. Dr. Vincent (5:14)
05. Bye Bye tristesse (4:49)
06. Junkie Babies (5:28)
07. Walking Trees (4:28)
08. Wind Memories (3:39)
09. Think One Thing and Sing (3:18)
10. Le clou et la panthère (5:10)

Rémi Panossian (piano)
Maxime Delporte (double bass)
Frédéric Petitprez (drums)

На изображении может находиться: 3 человека, люди улыбаются, небо и на улице

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