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CD review: Seiko Akita – Tapestry in Hell’s Kitchen 2020: Video, CD cover

Seiko is basically influenced those styles with her favorite MPB (Música Pops of Brazil) even if this is basically one of Jazz album. She played and arranged these variations are very interesting with some spices.

The CD “Tapestry In Hell’s Kitchen,” which M-1 up-tempo swing, stunning introduction made solos with Ron Jackson (7-strings guitar)

The M-2 “Cameron’s Dance” is a Peruvian rhythm “Festejo” featuring Alejandro’s Cajon with mixed Brazilian style ‘Choro”.

She used and played not only piano but also Rhodes piano hip-hop jazz M-5 “Lost In The Star” and the reggae M-7 “Colors” which composed and inspired many colors (race)people in NYC.
The M-3 “Encontros E Despendias” especially impressed me that interlude like as phrase from J.S.Bach’s one of prelude .

The M-8 “Song for Milton” is dedicated to Brazilian legend Milton Nascimento.

People say SEIKO has a world-wide repertoire like as a female improviser that musicians made and called her nickname “human jukebox”.

She works several NYC public school like as a full-time musician in weekdays. She has a different band and play regular house band at “American Society Illustrator Museum” NYC since 2003.
This album features members who been met and played there at that Museum and been maked great chemistry by their performances since then.

Guitarist Ron Jackson who won the award of NO1 7-Strings Guitar in NY magazine, Paul Gill (B) who is a bassist with Toshiko Akiyoshi (pf)or Diana Krall(pf)and a percussion from Chile who got Emmy Award CM winner In a unique combination Alejandro Garcia.

She was composed 8 songs and 11 original songs with standard originality and sensuous arrangements.

01. Tapestry in Hell’s Kitchen
02. Camaron’s Dance
03. Encontros E Despendias
04. It Was Meant to Be
05. Lost in the Stars
06. I Carry It in My Heart
07. Colors
08. Song for Milton
09. I Love You
10. Ba’lue Bolivar Ba-Lues-Are
11. Somewhere over the Rainbow

Seiko Akita (pf, rhodes)
Ron Jackson (7-strings guitar)
Paul Gill (bass)
Diego Voglino (drums)
Alex Garcia (cajon and percussions)

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