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CD review: 3D Jazz Trio – I Love To See You Smile 2020: Video, CD cover

Jackie, Amy, and Sherrie are the closest of friends and kindred musical spirits.

They recognize their musical selves in each other, and that amazing and powerful force opens wide all channels of creativity, passion, and their ferocious and very sense of swing. eir music is both deeply profound and serious fun, alternately resulting in feelings of reverence and gratitude, or peals of laughter and dancing because the groove feels so good. The music on I Love To See You Smile has deep meaning to all three of the artists, both personally and as a band. From private moments to long tours…this is music that makes them smile.

“I love Jackie and Amy. Their creative, passionate, artistry and profound musicianship is a constant source of inspiration. Our friendship runs deep and is rich with shared humor, the need for shenanigans, respect, admiration, gratitude and a fierce desire to swing. Each song on this CD is ripe with meaning to me, personally, and to us as a band. They elicit and embody countless memories of the joyful experiences we’ve had and will continue to have making music together. So, dear listener, please accept my heartfelt ‘thank you’ for letting us into your ears. I hope the music also touches your heart; as the title says, I Love To See You Smile. Sincere thank you’s to: our Executive Producers Pat and Marcia: your insight, support, and guidance is immeasurable; our engineer Kent Heckman, who is magical; Holly Smith, the brilliant artist who created our cover ‘live’ during a performance; Brad, for his excellent photographic eye; and to Kathy Ridl, who always makes sure the package matches the music.”

1. I Love to See You Smile – Randy Newman (5:20)
2. Bésame Mucho – Consuelo Velázquez (8:21)
3. Moonglow – Will Hudson and Irving Mills (8:29)
4. Back at the Chicken Shack – Jimmy Smith (6:07)
5. Angel Eyes – Matt Dennis (8:49)
6. Recado Bossa Nova – Luiz Antonio and Djalma Ferreira (7:14)
7. When You and I Were Young, Maggie – George W. Johnson and James Austin Butter eld (8:12)
8. L.O.V.E. – Bert Kaempfert and Nat King Cole (3:57) For Maurice Hines

Jackie Warren – piano
Amy Shook – bass
Sherrie Maricle – drums

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