July 21, 2024


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Joe Bonamassa invites fans to an online concert: Photo, Video

Since all of his concerts and tours have been canceled, Joe Bonamassa invites you to an online concert to give fans a chance to hear him during these downturned times. It is a so-called pay-per-view concert that can be purchased in the form of several types of packages with different additions of merchandise and goods as desired.

The concert will be recorded in Nashville, Tennessee. In The Ryman Auditorium, Joe Bonamassa tells the phone in an interview with Bluesnews. The Ryman Auditorium is a legendary venue in the capital of country music that is also known as the home arena of the Grand Ole Opry from 1943 to 1974, the cradle of country music.

– Even though the place takes almost 2500 spectators, it will be completely without the audience, since the rules change from day to day, Bonamassa says. – Instead, pictures of people will be placed in the seats. Pictures of people who have donated money to help us artists survive. It will be a great experience in the middle of all the hell, Joe promises in view of the Covid19 situation that is ravaging the whole world. And outlines an exciting playlist for the concert.

– We will play all the songs from the upcoming new album «Royal Tea», song by song in the same sequence as on the album. Then we take a break and then play songs from “A New Day Yesterday” which came out 20 years ago and was my debut album. I make them with the “voice” I have developed into something completely different in these 20 years, and which makes the album a new experience for me too. And we’re making these new recordings, which are also coming out these days as a 20th Anniversary album release, to honor producer and legend Tom Dowd, who I got to work with back then 20 years ago. The legend who saw something in the unfinished boy that I did not see myself at that time, the blues rock star points out soberly.

The online concert is organized in collaboration with the Keeping the Blues Alive Foundation, and $ 1 of each ticket will go to Joe Bonamassa’s project “Fueling Musicians”, which has so far raised more than $ 295,000 and has supported 163 disadvantaged musicians during the corona era.

Tickets are sold in many different varieties. A standard ticket costs $ 20, but fans can also purchase a Deluxe Live in Concert Worldwide package for $ 35 which includes the online concert, digital version of Royal Tea and a year of access to Bonamassa’s on-demand offerings such as includes 17 different concerts with Joe Bonamassa, Black Country Communion and Rock Candy Funk Party.

It is also possible to buy a VIP ticket. Everyone with a VIP ticket will have their picture printed out and placed on a seat in the Ryman Auditorium. In addition, they will be sent a picture of the poster together with Bonamassa. The names of all VIP buyers will also appear in the caption on the DVD made from the concert.

Joe Bonamassa inviterer fansen til online-konsert

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