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CD review: Dario Piccioni – Carpet Stories 2021: Video, CD cover

The Italian double bass player leads a trio featuring Vittorio Solimene on piano and Michele Santoleri on drums, plus Veronica Marini’s guest vocals.

A piano trio focused on double bass. Upside down structures. Mediterranean flavours. Italian double bass player Dario Piccioni’s new trio album “Carpet Stories” is the first he records on Auand label. Even if the band (with Vittorio Solimene on piano, and Michele Santoleri on drums) might look like the usual piano trio, Piccioni mixes things up by giving his instrument the leading role: «I like to contaminate jazz with specific elements recently: importance of double bass, rhythmic research, structure overturning, aggressive percussion. And also unisons, progressive hints, Mediterranean sounds, fusion. Everything is put in a dreamy frame, and enriched with interplay and improvisation.»

These choices shape the entire narrative of his “Carpet Stories”, rooted in his childhood memories. He used to play on his grandparents’ carpet «and I remember the feeling: it was like watching a movie, or playing a video game. But nothing was moving: it was only a motif, possibly a chivalric illustration with some decorations. It was like a Stendhal syndrome that lasted quite long. In the end, everyday objects like a carpet also had that purpose: transmitting stories, like movies do today. But I had an active role in that moment: I was able to create multiple stories, using and mixing the recurring elements.»

Two trusted musicians fully support him: Vittorio Solimene has been on stage with Piccioni since the pianist was18 years old. They also toured Europe, influencing each other. «He is highly contributing to the sound of this project – the leader adds – As for Michele Santoleri, we have a deep spiritual connection. We both keep ourselves away from purism. I feel free to experiment when I play with him.»

The trio also features a special appearance by singer Veronica Marini – her lively and dreamy vocals on “A New Ceiba” and on title track “Carpet Stories” strengthen the melodic and emotional message.

Piccioni’s writing method is now solid. «It’s like following the same path – he says – stepping in the same footprints we left in the past. Only, the path is never the same. Our look on the landscape has changed, as well as our footprints. Everything flows. The artist grows up by listening to himself and the others. And he finds deeper meanings even when analysing the same structure or form for years.»

  1. Kinsoma
  2. Tower of Silence
  3. Migala
  4. Dounia
  5. Canto di Restanza #1
  6. Canto di Restanza #2
  7. A New Ceiba
  8. Black Narcissus
  9. Carpet Stories

Dario Piccioni – double bass, acoustic bass
Vittorio Solimene – piano
Michele Santoleri – drums

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