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CD review: Rick Margitza – Sacred Hearts 2021: Video, CD cover

The new work by American veteran tenor saxophone player Rick Margitza, who has also been in the Miles Davis band, is dedicated to those who have died in the last decade or so.

From his family of nephews and nieces to fellow musicians such as Gerry Niewood and Michael Brecker, to honor those who have died in recent years, instead of sticking to the deep melancholy and loss of their deaths, their lives It seems that he recorded this work to celebrate.

Based on a quartet with French pianist Manuel Rocheman who participated in the recording of “Magic Lights”, the song features guitar, percussion and vocals.

It is a masterpiece that fully demonstrates Margitza’s ability to perform, compose, arrange, and produce.

  1. Truth Be Told
  2. The Place To Be
  3. Sacred Heart
  4. Muse
  5. Crying
  6. 12-123
  7. Leading Lady
  8. Far From Home
  9. Trails Of Tears
  10. Country Mike
  11. Poem

Rick Margitza- tenor and soprano saxophones
Manuel Rocheman- piano
Peter Giron-bass and vocals (track 8)
Jeff Boudreaux- drums

Alex Acuña – Percussion
Jake Langley – Guitar
Oliver Louvel- guitars, Banjo
Xavier Desandre Navarre- percussion
Chloe Cailleton-vocals
Pierre de Bethmann- vocals
Eleanor, Karen and Doris Margitza,Renee Bandy, Danielle Kobalsy, Elissia Ziga, Chelsea Rigo, Leslie Ballog- adult hand claps and vocals (track 6)
Tatum, Bronson and Dallas Kobolsky, Addisson and Ella Ziga, Noah and Bailey Vahosky, Evan Bandy, Luke and Adam Figueroa, Leo Shandor, Sophia and Paul Torosian-kids hand claps and vocals (track 6)

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