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CD review: Josefine Cronholm, Kirk Knuffke & Thommy Andersson – Near The Pond 2021: Video, CD cover

NEAR THE POND, the new album by American cornetist Kirk Knuffke (born 1980), Swedish bassist/cellist Thommy Andersson (born 1973), and Swedish vocalist Josefine Cronholm (born 1971) explores cross-continental friendships and cultural exchanges in a project inspired by the literary works of Swedish-American author Carl Sandburg.

A skilled guitarist and singer as well, Sandburg collected American folk music and it was this advanced musicality that Kirk Knuffke appreciated in his poetry, leading to three of the author’s poems appearing on this recording. Josefine Cronholm was fascinated with Clara Mathilda’s fate inspiring new music and lyrics she brought to the project.

Knuffke and Andersson have worked together in several projects over the years and it didn’t take long for them to recognize and appreciate what they had in common.

For Cronholm, her voice is an instrument that must be listened to and respected as an equal third of the trio. As a wordless improviser she demonstrates control that exudes both courage and imagination.

The songs on this album are, for the most part, easily accessible to listeners and relatively short in length. The improvisation is free and few specific musical agreements were made in advance regarding forms and arrangements. This is a well-planned, beautifully executed production that does justice to the sometimes daringly loose and fresh structural energy of Sandburg’s poems.

  1. Clara Mathilda’s Dream (4:50)
  2. I Don’t Know (4:17)
  3. White Shoulders (3:57)
  4. Dozen a Day (3:28)
  5. Subway (3:05)
  6. One Wish (3:48)
  7. I Sang (4:45)
  8. Wrong with You (1:30)
  9. One For All (3:51)
  10. Near the Pond (4:00)

Josefine Cronholm, Kirk Knuffke, Thommy Andersson – NEAR THE POND V.Ö.: 26.  März 2021 (Stunt/inakustik) – Uwe Kerkau Promotion

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