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CD review: Benito Gonzalez – Sing To The World 2021: Video, CD cover

Petersburg label Rainy Days Records has released the fifth album of the American-Venezuelan pianist Benito Gonzales.

Famous jazz musicians participated in the recording of the disc at the New York studio Big Orange Sheep: double bassist Christian McBride, drummer Jeff “Tain” Watts, trumpeter Nicholas Payton, drummer Sasha Mashin, trumpet player Josh Evans (Josh Evans) and saxophonist Makar Kashitsyn.

The release includes 10 tracks, which the pianist dedicated to the struggle for freedom. It is a combination of Afro-Latin rhythms and American jazz tradition with notes of Roy Hargrove and McCoy Tyner.

Benito himself said that music is one of the most powerful tools for changing the world. According to the musician, it unites the whole world “into a single whole, beyond cultural or religious differences.”

Benito Gonzales has been nominated twice for a Grammy. He won the 2005 Great American Jazz Piano Competition. Benito worked with the Kenny Garrett Quartet. Since 2019, he has been collaborating with Farrow Sanders.

  1. Sounds of Freedom (feat. Nicholas Payton, Essiet Okon Essiet, Sasha Mashin & Makar Kashitsyn) (4:56)
  2. Views of the Blues (feat. Christian McBride & Jeff “Tain” Watts) (9:01)
  3. Father (feat. Christian McBride, Nicholas Payton & Sasha Mashin) (6:34)
  4. Offering (feat. Christian McBride & Jeff “Tain” Watts) (9:19)
  5. Visionary (feat. Christian McBride & Jeff “Tain” Watts) (10:33)
  6. Smile (feat. Christian McBride, Nicholas Payton & Sasha Mashin) (5:48)
  7. Sing to the World (feat. Christian McBride & Sasha Mashin) (9:18)
  8. 412 (feat. Christian McBride, Nicholas Payton & Jeff “Tain” Watts) (8:22)
  9. Flatbush Avenue (feat. Christian McBride, Josh Evans & Sasha Mashin) (7:36)
  10. Colors (feat. Christian McBride & Sasha Mashin) (7:39)

Benito Gonzalez — piano
Nicholas Payton — trumpet (1,3,6,8)
Christian McBride — bass (2-10)
Sasha Mashin — drums (1,3,6,7,9,10)
Jeff “Tain” Watts — drums (2,4,5,8)
Essiet Okon Essiet — bass (1)
Josh Evans Trumpet — trumpet (9)

Benito Gonzalez: Sing to the World (Rainy Days) - JazzTimes

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