May 23, 2024

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CD review: Pierre Bertrand – Colors 2021: Video, CD cover

Pierre Bertrand has developed a long-standing collaboration with the painter and plastic artist Jean-Antoine Hierro, who notably produced a painting that constituted the cover of the album Joy (2016) and the cover of the album Far East Suite (2018). Jean-Antoine Hierro’s latest series Hidden Words, which mixes elements from street art with usual painting techniques, has the particularity of associating an enigmatic sentence with a main color.

Pierre Bertrand was touched by the concept of the “hidden word” which forces the viewer to make an effort in order to enter the canvas. For him, the subject of colors is vast and fascinating: they are stimuli to the imagination, they represent codes, which differ according to people and cultures. Pierre Bertrand then imagined a new creative project: Colors which would explore the relationship between color and music.

In the collective musical unconscious one usually associates colors and shimmering sonic aggregates, rich colors and orchestrations, which suggests large numbers of musicians. For his Colors project, Pierre Bertrand chose to take the opposite view of this last performance and associate the colors with the sound of a quintet, which would represent the minimal version of a jazz “orchestra”.

In 2017, an artistic collaboration with the internationally renowned Swedish trumpeter Anders Bergcrantz sparked in Pierre Bertrand the idea of ​​creating with this immense musician this famous Colors project to explore “the sound of the quintet”. To form the group, he chose to use the energy of Pierre-Alain Goualch’s piano, which he worked with artistically on the occasion of André Ceccarelli’s Ultimo project, the virtuosity of the double bass by Christophe Wallemme who plays very regularly. in the group La Caja Negra and the savagery of the drums of Laurent Robin, drummer of the Paris 24h period of the Paris Jazz Big Band.

  1. Sweet Dreams
  2. Sunshine
  3. You Are My Blood
  4. Color Blind
  5. Breath Slowly the Life
  6. Sanguine comme une orange
  7. Be My Angel
  8. Looking for Eternity

Pierre BERTRAND (saxophones, flutes)
Anders BERGCRANTZ (trumpet)
Pierre-Alain GOUALCH (piano)
Christophe WALLEMME (double bass)
Laurent ROBIN (drums)

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