June 20, 2024


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CD review: Terence Blanchard – Absence 2021: Video, CD cover

Terence Blanchard’s new album Absence honours legendary composer and saxophonist Wayne Shorter.

On the new album, the acclaimed trumpeter performs with The E-Collective, featuring pianist Fabian Almazan, guitarist Charles Altura, bassist David Ginyard and drummer Oscar Seaton; and the Turtle Island Quartet with violinist and artistic director David Balakirshnan, violinist Gabe Terracciano, violist Benjamin von Gutzeit and cellist Malcom Parson.

Absence includes pieces written by Shorter as well as original compositions by Blanchard and members of his band.

“I’m proud to have a chance to visit some of the music that has shaped my musical identity,” Blanchard says. “Pairing Wayne Shorter’s music with original works from the E-Collective along with the sonic colours of the Turtle Island Quartet has been an amazing experience. Wayne has said before, ‘Jazz means, I dare you,’ so why not dare to be creative and pay homage at the same time?”

This is a particularly prolific time for Blanchard, already a highly decorated musician who has won five Grammy Awards, earned two Oscar nominations for his collaborations with Spike Lee, and served for 11 years as artistic director of the Thelonious Monk Institute of Jazz (now the Herbie Hancock Institute of Jazz), among numerous other achievements.

01. Absence (6:55)
02. The Elders (6:03)
03. Fall (5:38)
04. I Dare You (Intro) (1:36)
05. I Dare You (7:47)
06. Envisioned Reflections (Intro) (1:32)
07. Envisioned Reflections (2:36)
08. The Second Wave (10:44)
09. When It Was Now (5:22)
10. Dark Horse (7:17)
11. Diana (7:06)
12. More Elders (2:20)

Terence Blanchard – trumpet


Fabian Almazan – piano
Charles Altura – guitar
David Ginyard – bass
Oscar Seaton – drums

Turtle Island Quartet

David Balakirshnan – violin
Gabe Terracciano – violin
Benjamin von Gutzeit – viola
Malcom Parson – cello

Absence by Terence Blanchard on TIDAL

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