May 20, 2024

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CD review: Giovanni Mirabassi – Pensieri isolati 2021: Video, CD cover

Through this interview, Giovanni Mirabassi looks back on the process of reflection and creation of his new album, PENSIERI ISOLATI, whose full release is scheduled for September 2021.

Forced to cancel dozens of concerts in half a dozen Asian countries by judgment of the referee, near mine in my apartment in Montmartre, sick, I was pushed to introspection. A pause on conscience at the crossroads of my fifty years and the end of the world, or at least of this world that I have known and that was familiar to me.

I took advantage of this gap in space-time to make a record of intimate melodies, some composed by myself and others not, like the flashes of my musical youth, from the time before the time before. , when I never imagined one day recording records, traveling the skies and playing for people, when no one could imagine one day having to convince algorithms, and not hearts, of the validity of our works, a time which was not necessarily better than this, in itself. But art goes where the current pushes it; prisoners of our own history, we tell the story of our time through a simple mirror effect.

So I played in the present tense as best I could; for us humans, for my children, for those of others, for all these people who listen to me, by choice, or by accident, and even for those who will maybe listen to me one day and will not like, or will not pay attention to this piano piece being played, in the background. I escaped my confinement, conspiratorially every week, to save some of my loneliness and put it aside for tomorrow, when the hubbub of the world took over.

01.The Healing Waltz [05:11]
02.Un peu comme cette époque [07:14]
03.Pensées isolées [03:44]
04.Seascape [07:11]
05.Les chants magnétiques [06:20]
06.Canta che ti passa [06:01]
07.Behind the White Door [03:37]
08.Reactionary Tango [08:28]
09.Le libre arbitre [05:19]
10.What’s new [04:10]
11.Où voulez-vous que je m’assoie ? (feat. Cyril Mokaiesh) [03:47]

Giovanni Mirabassi – piano

Album Pensieri isolati, Giovanni Mirabassi | Qobuz: download and streaming  in high quality

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