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CD review: Michel et Benjamin Legrand en concert – Les liens du Jazz 2008 – 2022: Video, CD cover

On this day of September 16, 2008; my father and I were attending my mother’s funeral. That same evening, imbued with emotions and memories, we were on stage at the Festival Jazz en Touraine to share, accompanied by a quartet of musicians among the greatest, this magnificent concert that you are about to watch. We all gave our best and the music, by its magic, only got more beautiful and stronger.

I would like to dedicate this evening to my mother, Christine, which will remain forever etched in my memory. Benjamin Legrand Titles: Watch What Happens (Duo Michel & Benjamin) La Valse Des Lilas (Duo Michel & Benjamin) Ray Blues (Michel Legrand) You Must Believe In Spring (Michel Legrand) What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life (Michel Legrand ) Family Fugue (Michel Legrand) Dingo Lamente (Michel Legrand) I’m A Child Of The Ball (Benjamin Legrand) Your Friend For Rainy Days (Benjamin Legrand) Love In Saw (Benjamin Legrand) New Orleans ( Benjamin Legrand) How Do You Keep The Music Playing? (Duo Michel & Benjamin) Summer 42 (Duo Michel & Benjamin) The Windmills Of My Heart (Duo Michel & Benjamin) I Can Never Live Without You (Michel Legrand) Interview With Michel & Benjamin Legrand (Journal TV Tours) I Can Never Live Without You “Live” In Moscow (Michel Legrand and Maurane) Les Moulins De Mon Coeur “Live” In Moscow (Michel Legrand, Benjamin Legrand and Maurane).

1. Watch What Happens (Live)
2. La valse des lilas (Live)
3. Ray Blues (Live)
4. You Must Believe in Spring (Live)
5. What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life (Live)
6. Family Fugue (Live)
7. Dingo Lamente (Live)
8. J’suis un enfant d’la balle (Live)
9. Ton copain des jours de pluie (Live)
10. L’amour en scie (Live)
11. La Nouvelle Orléans (Live)
12. How Do You Keep the Music Playing? (Live)
13. L’été 42 (Live)
14. Les moulins de mon cœur (Live)
15. Je ne pourrai jamais vivre sans toi (Live)

Michel Legrand: piano,chant
Benjamin Legrand: chant
Fifi Chayeb: contrebasse
Andre Ceccarelli: batterie
Herve Meschinet: saxophone, flute
Claude Egea: trompette, bugle

Альбом «Michel et Benjamin Legrand en concert : Les liens du Jazz (Festival jazz en Touraine 16 septembre 2008) [Live]» (Мишель Легран & Benjamin Legrand) в Apple Music

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