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CD review: Luca Crispino, Danilo Gallo, Luca Pighi, Roberto Zorzi – Le Quattro Verita 2022: Video, CD cover

A thundering allegory of the myth of the cave, a sound investigation to discover what is tangible or illusory, a discussion on the very nature of reality: produced by Dodicilune, we present “The Four Truths” of the quartet formed by Luca Crispino (electric double bass), Danilo Gallo (electric bass), Luca Pighi (drums) and Roberto Zorzi (electric guitar).

In its spontaneity, the album is a subversive act that celebrates an unfiltered message free from external manipulation.

The Four Truths Il Posto Castello, Illasi, Verona 23.10.2021 When it is difficult to accurately define a musical performance, it is generally a good sign. This is what happens with the quartet “The Four Truths.”

“The Four Truths” was born, in fact, from a shooting in the studio of a session of free improvisation from which four sound settings emerge enclosed in four distinct tracks: “The first truth” (the cave and the shadows), “The second truth” (escape route), “The third truth” (exit), “The fourth truth” (reality is not what it seems). CD.

The group is back to reunite, after the forced break from Covid restrictions, for an evening at Posto Castello, on the hills east of Verona: long performances in free improvisation that develop on the basis of contagious rhythmic grooves, in a fabric with a changing texture visionary. A recording of theirs for the Dodici Lune label is forthcoming.

1. La prima verità (24:03)
2. La seconda verità (10:50)
3. La terza verità (13:13)
4. La quarta verità (12:25)

All compositions by Luca Crispino, Danilo Gallo, Luca Pighi, Roberto Zorzi (Dodicilune edizioni)

Luca Crispino – upright electric bass, fx
Danilo Gallo – electric bass, fx, albanian flute (2)
Luca Pighi – drums
Roberto Zorzi – electric guitar, fx

Le Quattro Verità a Verona


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