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CD review: Cécile Nordegg – No-Ce Chansons Noce 2022: Video, CD cover

No-Ce Chansons Noce was actually my first album, released 10 years ago, we just now have re-released it on all digital platforms. My latest album was a TRIPLE release – three albums in one: A live-album, Live @ the Baked Potato; DANCE PROCLAMATION – an album of remixes and dance-tracks and then JAZZ PROCLAMATION vol. 3, an album of only original songs, lyrics by my humble self and music by members of the band. Right now, we are touring with this program and of course are creating new songs,- said Cécile Nordegg.

Cécile Nordegg. – I have the regular members of my band of course, then whenever we play concerts, we ask local musicians to perform with us, so some of those are on the album, and I am blessed to have an amazing network of musicians and it also depended a little on what sound I wanted from a particular song, what instruments I had in mind.

The unique sound and style of Cécile Nordegg & Band combine Edith Piaf and Frank Zappa in celebration of French jazz with a rock’n roll-twist.

French jazz is not that easy to find and a new experience for many. But for both newcomers and those already soaked in the boozy musical brew, there is a wealth to savor. There are as many rock riffs as there are torch songs, there are glimpses into cabaret resurrected from a bygone age, and there is a contemporary experience that relates to this day and age.

With a casual cover of Frank Zappa’s notorious “Bobby Brown” thrown in for good measure (sung in honeyed French tones, naturally), plus standards by Piaf and Brel, all contributing to Cécile Nordegg & Band’s own original songs and compositions, this is an experience not to be missed. Their latest release ‘Jazz Proclamation Vol.1 & 2 is moving, humorous, and unlike any jazz you’ve heard.

Austrian-based No-Ce & Band is fronted by Cécile Nordegg, an actress and chanteuse. Her musical home is jazz, which she combines with the narrative art of French chanson and her roots in rock’n’roll, and so has found her own sound and style. Nordegg has released her first album in 2015, titled ‘no-ce chansons noce’. Since then she has performed in numerous international venues.

The complex artistic and musical concept of Cécile Nordegg is cross-genre productions that internationally connect artists of various cultures, genres and generations.

In a world in which people emphasise on differences and affiliations, Cécile Nordegg open-mindedly seeks to find connections, to encourage cohesion, to unite.

Her refined and distinctive musical style, which combines the art of story telling of the French Chanson, the musical roots of Cécile in Rock’n Roll and her partly classical vocal training is unified in Jazz.

While touring the globe her musical journey resulted in meeting many interesting artists who gladly support Cécile on stage and in the studio. Wherever and whenever she performs live she asks representative musicians from the host country to play the shows with her and her band; the technical possibilities of studio recordings allow musicians from all corners of the musical world to come together to create and make music and develop projects together. Besides her regular crew of musicians Megumi Otsuka, Josef Schultner, Maria Salamon, Walter Bass, Ines Schüttengruber, Christian Spörk, Philipp Deniflee and Bernold Wiesmayr there are many others that made live or studio appearances: DJ Ayana Soyini, Rick Musallam, Patrick “Static” Scheffler, Billy Hulting, Bunny Brunel, Sheila Gonzalez, Deborah Henson-Conant, Jamie Kime, Jon Cornell, Todd Wolf, Jay Roberts, JP Chiche, Ben Leven, Andreas Pirringer, Sirius XIV, Lenny Dickson, Loïc Dogon, Lone Madsen, Peter Müller, Andreas Wingert, Nogabe Randriaharimalala, Lamine Faye, Cheikh Ndiaye, Bertrand “Washasha X” Lottsome…

It is important and enriching that at least the same amount of women are involved in her projects as men and we are very proud to say that under all applicable safety precautions during the period of the pandemic, in times of social distancing and despite all adversities and spatial distance we still managed to design, rehearse and organize recordings and creating new music.

In times of social distancing we came together! Thank you so much each and every one of you!

1. Que Reste-T-Il-De Nos Amours
2. Les Amants D’un Jour
3. Les Yeux Noirs
4. Le Diable De La Bastille
5. Les Feuilles Mortes
6. Padam Padam
7. Dis! Quand Reviendras-Tu
8. Les Flonsflons Du Bal
9. Je N’en Connais Pas La Fin
10. Hymne A L’amour
11. Je Ne Sais Pas Dire
12. La Vie En Rose
13. Je Ne T’aime Pas
14. L’accordeoniste

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