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Summary of Tbilisi Jazz Festival 2022 concerts and events: Videos, Photos

Republic of Georgia is a hospitable country, the capital of Tbilisi in particular, and when jazz evenings are added to it in the form of Tbilisi Jazz Festival 2022, then a miracle in this country becomes perfect.

On July 7-9, we were hosted at the Tbilisi Jazz Festival 2022, where we enjoyed the concerts of Dianne Reeves and Dave Holland, Chris Potter, Zakir Hussain and Vijey Iyer trio. This time we present an overview of the singer’s concert, and about the concerts of jazz legends and Iyer, as well as the features of the Tbilisi Jazz Festival and local jazzmen, wait for the near future. We already had a post about Dianne Reeves’s concert.

Dianne Reeves quitet see HERE and Dave Holland, Chris Potter, Zakir Hussain legends trio HERE  Vijay Iyer’s trio HERE

Concluding our coverage of the Tbilisi Jazz Festival 2022, here I will touch on the features, the performances of Georgian jazzmen before each big concert, the Jazz Lab exhibition, the film screening, the historical vinyl exhibition – sale.

Tbilisi Jazz Festival lasted for 3 days, 3 great and wonderful concerts took place. Each of them was preceded by JAZZ  LAB – Georgian Jazz faculty students’ concerts performers who played jazz standards, but with Georgian warmth and originality: Miles Davis, Ornette Coleman, Thelonious Monk … Among the jazz fans, they had a lot of interest and many of them came to listen to the performances of their compatriots before the concert.


Возможно, это изображение 5 человек, люди стоят, люди играют на музыкальных инструментах, в помещении и текст «VISA RD-700 700 Roland»

However, one of the features of jazz concerts in Tbilisi is that the doors of the concert hall are opened 2 hours before the concert. People enter the concert hall one by one with tickets, where attendance is not based on seats, but it is encouraged who comes early and takes the place of their choice in the hall. I am writing about jazz concerts, because due to circumstances I attend only jazz concerts in Tbilisi.

This time, it seems that not only the Jazz Lab movie screenings were not effective, only on the first day, there were only a few jazz fans who attended the viewing of the film about Quincy Jones.

Возможно, это изображение 6 человек, люди стоят и в помещении

Photo exhibition by a photographer named Teio, of course with a jazz theme and photos of jazzmen from concerts.

Возможно, это изображение текст

During all those days, I met some Georgian jazz and jazz musicians I know, one of them, with whom I had a selfie, is Nino Katamadze, my old girlfriend.

Возможно, это изображение 2 человека и в помещении

Summing up all three days, I can only say that our Georgian colleagues are organizing a wonderful jazz festival. I also invite them with great pleasure to the jazz festivals organized by me in the city of Plovdiv in Bulgaria and Silesia in the Czech Republic, where we invite no less jazz stars to concerts.

By Simon Sargsyan


Возможно, это изображение 4 человека, люди стоят, люди играют на музыкальных инструментах, гитара, в помещении и текст «VISA Roland»

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