May 23, 2024

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CD review: Clark Terry Big Bad Band – Live in Holland 1979 – 2022: Video, CD cover

Clark Terry is one of the greatest and most important trumpeters in jazz history, Storyville Records now presents a live recording with his fantastic orchestra, Clark Terry’s Big Bad Band – ‘Live in Holland 1979’.

The whole band is in great form, and besides Clark Terry himself, this recording showcases many of the very best musicians from the heyday of big bands. The band is swinging, that also goes for Terry’s introductions of the music and the band.

The live setting of this performance, containing 13 tracks, clearly inspires both Clark and his 16-piece orchestra to even greater heights than in the studio. The performance culminates with the hit “Mumbles”, a track made famous during the many years Terry was one of the leading members of “The Tonight Show Band”.

The repertoire presented here makes way for the entire band with arrangements by Phil Woods, Billy Strayhorn and Duke Ellington among others. Clark Terry is not just a brilliant soloist, but also a charming entertainer, engaging in friendly banter with both the musicians and the audience

Terry’s original style and technique has had a major influence on many great jazz musicians, including Wynton Marsalis, Art Farmer, Miles Davis and not least Quincy Jones, who has written a very personal piece for the liner notes, praising the lifelong mentorship of Clark Terry for many of the greatest American jazz musicians.

1 A Toi (Live) 05:13
2 Rabdi (Live) 04:17
3 On the Trail (Live) 03:50
4 Don’t Speak Now (Live) 04:01
5 Blues All Day, Blues All Night (Live) 04:11
6 Carney (Live) 03:28
7 Rock-Skippin’ at the Blue Note (Live) 02:58
8 Just Squeeze Me (Live) 04:08
9 Jeep’s Blues (Live) 04:50
10 Shell Game (Live) 07:15
11 Mumbles (Live) 04:00
12 Una Mas (Live) 07:04
13 Take the A-Train (Live) 03:41

Live in Holland 1979 | Clark Terry | Storyville Records

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