May 19, 2024

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Who owns the trademark rights to the Bird’s Eye? Video, Photos

A furious da capo in the Bird’s Eye dispute. Stephan Kurmann, the dismissed managing director and musician, is threatening legal action against the Basel jazz club owned by patron Beatrice Oeri.

A scandal broke out in February. The Basel jazz club Bird’s Eye parted ways with its long-time managing director Stephan Kurmann. Since the patron Beatrice Oeri resigned from the board at the same time, the future of the club was in the stars. Now it is clear: The financing by Oeri is unbroken, but the club is still at odds with Kurmann.

In a seven-page letter available to the editors, Kurmann has now presented his position and disclosed that he is contesting his termination. The club’s suggestion of kindness was not acceptable to him, and his counter-proposal was not well received by the club. Basically, it’s about Kurmann continuing to work in the club and above all wanting to play the bass.

Who owns the trademark rights to the Bird’s Eye?

It turns out that the fact that Kurmann not only booked the musicians in the past, but also often played the instrument himself, also had financial reasons. In his letter, Kurmann also speaks of and about himself: “As an international musician and founder, he has always held a special position.”

Der Haussegen hängt schief im Bird's Eye Jazz Club.

Trademark rights are a sideline. Kurmann believes he owned the Bird’s Eye naming and trademark rights. The fact that the club had the rights registered shortly after he left the club is illegal for him.

In terms of employment law, Kurmann is still hoping for an agreement in the form of arbitration. Even if he does not agree with his “complete exclusion” in any way, he still hopes for an “amicable solution”.

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