June 17, 2024


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CD review: Dave Liebman – Trust and Honesty 2022: Video, CD cover

Energetic and creative Newvelle Records, founded in 2015 with the goal of “returning jazz to its mid-century glory,” has embarked on a 2022 release of a series of four vinyl albums called The Renewal Collection.

Albums by Ilan Mehler and Michael Blake have already been released in this series, an album by Naje Nordhuis is being prepared for release, and we invite our readers to pay attention to the third, recently released album of the series – Trust and Honesty by Dave Liebman.

I don’t think it’s necessary to introduce Dave Liebman, who holds the NEA Jazz Master title, the highest title for an American jazzman. This is a living legend of modern jazz, unlike many of his peers, not resting on his laurels, but discovering something new with each new work.

Liebman has been on over five hundred (!) recordings – a fantastic number. He is a brilliant example of a truly creative personality. Connoisseurs are accustomed to consider Dave, who once played with Miles Davis, a musician whose creative interests lie in a wide range between the mainstream and the avant-garde. Liebman’s new project might surprise them.

For this recording, Dave chose a trio format without piano or drums. His partners in Trust and Honesty were guitarist Ben Monder and bassist John Hebert. The composition itself is of interest, and the program of the album is even more curious. This time, Liebman presented an elegant collection of jazz ballads, including such well-known standards as Stella By Starlight or Bye Bye Blackbird. By the way, in the electronic version of the album there are not eight, but ten tracks: Time Remembered and Blind Pig can only be heard in digital form.

And Liebman, who can hardly be called a mere lyricist, once again showed himself to be a brilliant master. Both on his crown soprano saxophone and on the tenor, he plays so emotionally and spiritually that the well-known standards with his magical sound take on a new face. Monder and Hebert are extremely professional in supporting their leader. I think that many fans of Dave Liebman’s work will appreciate this new work of his.

Ilan Mehler, who wrote very warm liner notes for the album, reveals the “secret” of its title. When asked by Ilan what it takes to find new depths in this music, Dave answered very simply: “To go on stage with trust and honesty.” Trust and honesty – this is how Trust and Honesty is translated.

1. Designs (4:38)
2. Lover Man (5:08)
3. Time Remembered (Bonus Track) (4:25)
4. Come Rain or Come Shine (5:33)
5. Stella by Starlight (4:44)
6. Blind Pig (Bonus Track) (1:08)
7. Moon and Sand (6:04)
8. Blue in Green (2:33)
9. Bye Bye Blackbird (5:16)
10. Zingaro (6:41)

Dave Liebman – Soprano and Tenor Sax
Ben Monder – Guitar
John Hébert – Bass

Trust and Honesty | Dave Liebman

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