June 21, 2024


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Review: The Struts – Remember the Name tour: The evening heated up with Kiss. Fillmore, Detroit, 2023: Video. Photos

Struts performed at the venerable Fillmore Theatre in Detroit, Michigan. Derbyshire boys have been busy touring North America last month, ending May with a bang at Napa’s Bottlerock Festival.

When the band back home after touring all Spring across North America, family and friends were in attendance to root for the hometown boys. Charismatic Carson Macc came out on stage with his “Jagger moves” while singing a new single, “Mint Julep.” Sounding tighter than ever, Mac Saturn performed old favorites like “Persian Rugs,” “Mr. Cadillac,” and “Plain Clothes Gentleman” from their debut EP When the Money Runs Out. While carrying a phone receiver, Macc sang “Get on the Phone,” one of the band’s newer songs.

After a quick tear down and musical gear setup, the audience was more than ready for the Struts. Detroit audiences have always been receptive to rock music, and they certainly made the Brit band feel very welcome. Luke Spiller dressed in sequins, a silver lame jacket, and glammy eye makeup, hit the stage singing “Dirty Sexy Money” and “Body Talks”—and the crowd went wild. Together since the band’s inception in 2012, members Gethin Davies (drums), Jed Elliott (bass), and Adam Slack (guitar) provided a full sound with vocal harmonies, lead guitar solos, and plenty of rhythms.

The audience comprised of mostly female fans—from teenagers to mature women—were dancing, raising fists, and singing along with the songs’ choruses. Some appeared to be accompanied by parents and others by boyfriends, who seemed to enjoy the show. The evening’s energy took its toll on several ladies in the audience who fainted and were carried over to the venue’s side wall by helpful staff. Possibly the “hysteria” surrounding the Struts was too much for them.

The high-energy set, which had Spiller soaking wet, settled down as he performed solo on a piano and sang “One Night Only” and “Fire (Part1).” This gave the band a short break, but he never missed a beat the entire night. Spiller gave 100 percent to his audience that no doubt adores him.

Spiller introduced the next song as “a new single” from the band’s upcoming fourth album. The song “Pretty Vicious” was well-received. Another recently released song from a multi-artist compilation Soundtrack to Summer 2023 called “Fallen’ With Me” was performed.

The evening heated up again with “Kiss” as Spiller riled the audience for a little call and response to “Put Your Money On Me.” While the band briefly re-couped offstage, the audience cheered, whistled, and clapped until the boys returned. “Could Have Been Me” had everyone jumping and dancing as it topped off an evening of classic favorites.

The band is now off to the Sound of Music festival in Burlington, Canada!

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