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CD review: The Santiago Big Band feat. Marcos Fernandez Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra feat. Arturo O’Farrill – Santiago Brooklyn Santiago – 2023: Video, CD cover

Tremendous put together the one put together by the Cuban pianists Marcos Fernandez and Arturo O’Farrill, representing the Santiago Big Band, from Santiago de Cuba, and the Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra, from New York, respectively./Santiago Brooklyn Santiago/, a record that appears registered by the label from New York Zoho Music, presents us with 12 pieces, bathed in a unmatched virtuosity.

The title /Piano Prelude/ serves as the prologue to the album, in which, in almost two minutes, we listen to the performances on the piano of the special guests: Arturo O’Farrill and Marcos Fernández. the lilting Cha number, authored by Steven Bernstein, highlights Steven himself
Bernstein a decisive trumpet solo.

In Danzón time we listen the reinterpretation of the classic /Almendra/ by Abelardo Valdés, with the Jasper Dutz’s participation in the clarinet solo. /Asia Minor/ of Roger King Mozian presents the execution of *José Ángel Martínez* at the double bass. The tasty and danceable /Bilongo/ (Guillermo Rodríguez Fiffe) presents the solos of Iván Acosta (flute) and Carlos Miyares (saxophone tenor). /Pitbull Mambo/ is a piece written by Arturo himself O’Farrill, which gives us from the first chords, high tension, and a masterful development./Ay, Mama Ines/, another of the classics of Cuban songbook, was written by Eliseo Grenet. In this opportunity we listen to a completely fresh and renewed version. building bridges with Puerto Rican rhythms, and written by trombonist Papo Vazquez, the energetic piece /Iron Jungle/ leaves us with a saxophone solo./Diálogo/, as its name indicates, proposes a conversation between the soprano saxophone (Cesar Lopez) and trumpet (Adam O’Farrill), preceded for a piano solo by the same composer: Marcos Fernández. /Crazy City (…But I Love It)/, theme with the importance of Chico O’Farrill, father by Arturo, establishes a balance between the Cuban Rumba and the Guajira.

He happy number that gives its name to the production, Santiago-Brooklyn-Santiago, is a festive theme, old-fashioned, rhythmic, with the rhythm of Cha Cha Cha, evoking melodies of yesteryear, and highlighting, among others, the French Rachel Therrien in the solo of trumpet, as well as Rafi Malkiel on trombone solo. the manicero by Moises Simons concludes an epic recording, featuring the participation of Fernando Dewar, from the Septeto Santiaguero, in the tres, supported by the solos of the Cuban trumpeters Raoni Sánchez and Alain Dragoni.

1. Piano Prelude
2. Cha
3. Almendra
4. Asia Minor
5. Bilongo
6. Pitbull Mambo
7. Ay, Mama Ines
8. Iron Jungle
9. Dialogo
10. Crazy City (… But I Love It)
11. Santiago Brooklyn Santiago
12. El Manicero

The Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra:

Arthur O’Farrill – piano
Larry Bustamante, Alexander Aviles, Jasper Dutz, Addison Evans, Roman Filiu, Ivan Renta – saxophone
Steven Bernstein, Seneca Black, Walter Cano, Bryan Davis, California Rodriguez-Pena, Rachel Therrien, Adam O’Farrill – trumpet
Abdulrahman Amer, Mariel Pildstone, Rafi Malkiel, James Rogers, Earl McIntyre, Ben Barnett – trombone
Andrew Andron, Vince Cherico, Keisel Jimenez, Carlos Maldonado, Bam Rodriguez, Arthur O’Farrill – rhythm

The Santiago Big Band (Cuba):

Marcos A. Fernández – piano
José Ángel Martínez – bass
Rayner Bonner – drums, timpani, güiro
Modest Brave – congas
Angel “Caballito” Beltrán, Alain Gragoni, Raoni Sánchez – trumpet
Iván Alejandron Sánchez Guardiola, Julio César, González Simón – alto saxophone
Rey Amaury Burgos, Juan Chacón González, Goodridree Carbonilla (1) – tenor saxophone
Braudelis Rodríguez Sierra, Yormanys Soto Díaz (1) – baritone saxophone
Sergio Luna: Trombone, Jorge Ortega, Ismael Olivera(1), André Arcia(1) – trombone
Jasiel Rodríguez, Ernesto Hernández: Requinto, Osiel Sauquet, Damián Busqueta – percussion

Santiago Big Band feat. Marcos Fernandez Afro Latin Jazz Orchestra feat. Arturo O'Farrill – Santiago Brooklyn Santiago – Solar Latin Club

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