May 22, 2024

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Chris Shiflett at the Electric Ballroom Camden: Video, Photos

Night life in London was declining the fastest with 3,000 businesses lost since March 2020 when Covid hit the world. Thankfully, some venues are thriving through the multiple genre events.

The Electric Ballroom Camden is in rude health and was where I first saw a young band that were called Madness. I remember the lengthy line of DM’s that had to be left in the venue safe for some aggro! Some 4O odd years later I was watching and shooting Chris Shiflett’s last gig in the UK from this bespoke tour. He is now in Europe before he returns to his main job of being the lead guitarist of the Foo Fighters.

With tight support from a stripped back bass and drums the hefty three piece leaned into the back catalogue of Chris’s albums and it was clear that the crowd knew the ropes that were tied into the set.

Chris Shiflett / Music At Its Most Life-affirming In Camden

Driving hard from “Dead & Gone” and racing through “Liar’s Word” into “Sticks and Stones,” then running towards the end was a rocking cover of Thin Lizzy’s “Cowboy Song!” It is clear to see the influence Chris has had on his other band. Grungy, running solos, clear vocals, and great support in this tiny venue (well, I say tiny as its only 1,500 capacity was full) and in his other life there would be 50,000.

This would be as close as they will ever get to a Foo and a guitarist at the top of his game! If you missed it – shame on you!

Chris Shiflett at Electric Ballroom, London (Review & Photos) – Highwire  Magazine

Primary support came from Willy Cobb who plays hard punk rock. Kezia Gill was also a welcome surprise. Known more in the UK as a country singer and with a number 1 in that genre,she has extraordinarily strong blues /rock tones and a powerhouse voice that rocks. Her anthem ‘Whiskey Drinking Woman’ is always the standout. Winning audiences over is tricky if you are boxed as a country singer at a rock gig.

Kezia cannot be boxed at all! She is 100% performer, whether that is in front of ten people or 10,000 She will be seen again at Black Deer festival later in the year with a line up the incude Sheryl Crow and Joe Bonamassa. Good company for her and Kezia will still stand out!

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