May 29, 2024

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Nick Maclean Quartet – Rites Of Ascension 2017: Free download & Video

This album, the debut release from the Nick Maclean Quartet, represents a modern re-imagining of the spirit of Herbie Hancock’s primordial 60’s quartet. Not to be confused with a “tribute” recording, this record has a character of its own, while being an homage to Hancock’s influence on Maclean both as pianist and composer.

The depth of the synergistic connectivity between all 4 hand-picked members of Maclean’s quartet are a cornerstone to the ensemble’s sound and group dynamic. Thus its completion represents Maclean’s examination of the modern jazz ethos with all the intriguing challenges, opportunities and possibilities that go with it.

This contemplative and often thrilling quartet’s explorations of modern, original repertoire is led by a fast-rising star in Toronto’s jazz piano community, 25 year old NICK MACLEAN. Formed in 2016, Maclean’s foursome delivers jazz between the two poles of thoughtful introspection and powerhouse conveyance, taking influences from Herbie Hancock’s primordial 1960’s Blue Note era recordings, while paying tribute to some of the greatest improvisers in jazz.

Nick Maclean – piano
Brownman Ali – trumpet
Jesse Dietschi – bass
Tyler Goertzen – drums

01.Cantaloupe Island 04:55
02.Driftin’ 06:39
03.One Finger Snap 04:31
04.Temptation of the Crossroads: Blue vs Brown 07:15
05.Goldberg Machine 04:57
06.Nation’s Unrest: A Tribal Conflict 05:56
07.Feral Serenity 05:50
08.Elasticity of Time and Space 04:34
09.Madness of Nero 07:53
10.One 06:32
11.Tell Me a Bedtime Story 07:24

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