May 20, 2024

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PJ Perry Quartet – Alto Gusto 2017: Video

This is an album for the bebop fans. Not the blisteringly fast, artsy-fartsy bebop, though – I’m thinking about the lovey Parker ballads and all the times Miles forgot he was done with bebop after the 50s.

Actually, the last track on here is a Parker tune. And the PJ Perry Quartet is extremely good at what they do: important in a style that can be undone undone by its own complexity. The rhythm section is one of the tightest I’ve heard, and Perry himself knows when to turn it up or down with his own sax playing, his riffs feeling like anything from sweet cooing to what I imagine a heart flutter sounds like. Maybe this is what it sounds like to be in love… or maybe I’m just feeling romantic from listening to this.

1 Ease It
2 Close Your Eyes
3 After the Morning
4 We’ll Be Together Again
5 Stablemates
6 Two Bass Hit
7 Quasimodo

P.J. Perry: alto saxophone
Jon Mayer: piano
Steve Wallace: bass
Quincy Davis: drums

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