May 20, 2024

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Marcus Brigstocke returns for ‘Jazz Family Trees’: Video, Photo

The comedian and jazz fan returns for a series of programmes in which he turns on full-on-jazz-geek and looks at ‘Jazz Family Trees’.

The comedian Marcus Brigstocke returns to present his series, debuted in 2020, called ‘Jazz Family Trees’, whereby Marcus takes an artist and then – much like the game ‘six degrees of separation’ – discovers their web of connections within the music world, before returning to the original artist.

Having covered the jazz connections of figures such as Art BlakeyMiles Davis and Blossom Dearie, the new 6-part series will showcase the connections of more pivotal figures from the jazz world.

On first announcing his show, Marcus Brigstocke said: “Miles Davis said ‘do not fear mistakes, there are none’ but then he never heard me play my trumpet… One of the things I’ve always been delighted by is the way in which jazz musicians play for each other and then when they lead their own bands, the people they’d played for previously played for them. But in basic terms it’s just an excuse to play some of my favourite music.”

Comedian Marcus Brigstocke returns for a new series – Jazz Family Trees |

The well-known comedian and jazz superfan Marcus Brigstocke’s new series on Jazz FM showcases the many musicians who have cross-pollinated and contributed to each other’s albums over the years. –
Taking a ‘Six Degrees of Separation’ format, Marcus will choose a musician each week and play a track featuring a sideman, who in turn played on another record and then another until we come back full circle to the original artist. All that sits alongside some great storytelling and surprising connections between some famous and not-so-famous players.

Join Marcus with his first episode this Saturday from 9pm, where he looks at the connections and work of seminal drummer Art Blakey. 

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