May 23, 2024

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CD review: Boarding Completed – Park Blues 2022: Video, CD cover

Boarding Completed started out as a guitar trio playing mostly standards from The Great American Songbook. As the group kept rehearsing, they began to experiment with original songs written by Bård Helgerud (b. 1982).

These songs came about when Bård studied Nordic Masters in Jazz in Århus, Stockholm and Helsinki a few years back. The inspiration for the songs came partly from living in a foreign country, but also a feeling of longing back to Norway. Something special happens when you looks at your roots living in a foreign country.

The result is a tribute to all the music that the composer has been influenced by from 50s Hard Bop to 90s Grunge. Some of the songs needed vocals and we were so lucky to get Live Foyn Friis (b. 1985) on three of the songs. Live and Bård met while studying in Århus, Denmark and they played in many different settings together since.

Together with bassist Andreas Dreier (b. 1978) and drummer Magnus Sefaniassen Eide (b.1991) we are proud to present our first release and we hope the listeners enjoys looking through the windows of our house! (Bård Helgerud).

1. Hvittingfoss Skyline (7:41)
2. Park Blues (4:48)
3. Manic Minor (5:19)
4. Endelig Hjemme (5:27)
5. Innen klokken slår åtte (Skål Torbjørn!) (5:42)
6. Ekte Kjærlighet (7:20)
7. Vinter (4:22)
8. På stylter gjennom Kardamili (6:31)

Bård Helgerud, guitar
Andreas Dreier, bass
Magnus Sefaniassen Eide, drums
Live Foyn Friis, vocals (tracks 6, 7, 8)


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