April 20, 2024


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Why is there so much rubbish, who are the producers of rubbish? Name by name

Have you ever wondered why jazz music is not popular? And where does jazz develop? Who are the creators of jazz and blues today, the promoters of it? Has anyone ever wondered what new CDs are being released these days?

I think that’s the problem. How was my opinion formed? By the way, when I establish correspondence with musicians who release new CDs, sometimes they really promote jazz and blues, sometimes they harm jazz musicians, they are bad musicians.

I’m sorry, but I do not consider jazz a business. In 2007-2018, I did everything for free for all musicians, but people or humano-like musicians hurt me when I published an interview, published an album review, but they did not write the most common word thank you. Now I show everyone their place, with a very rough egg and very positive, I distinguish garbage from quality. That’s enough, the garbage has increased in jazz. I have been in the jazz field since 2001. Now I organize jazz festivals in European countries and USA.

The more stupid people write about this article, the more views it gets, for which we are deeply grateful, please share more so that more people can read who you are. Please see above…

Now I will Name by name!!!

Janky – Scott Lindsey

There’s a name in the blues, Janky – Scott Lindsey. Does anyone know that madman? Who allows him to go on stage and give a concert, as if he is a musician, as if he knows how to play, we are preparing an article about him. Our reliable sources inform us that this damn fool has just been discharged from the Psychiatric Hospital and he is still not completely cured, and it is difficult to cure. He himself admitted that he is a fool, idiot and a bum, we can only sympathize with him and advise him to stay away from the music industry, especially the blues.

I have discovered a new fool who sniffs the noblest and perfect music like jazz. Here is a bad musician, a problematic person, lacking intelligence, guitarist and bassist of Ocean Highway Andy Tullis. Such people should be removed from Jazz. Such dishonest people who produce garbage should have no place in Jazz!

An unscrupulous person named John Stewart is writing you letters and gossiping about this site. Of course we are grateful for the free advertising, we are even ready to pay him for it, but we want you to know, dear musicians and managers, that he is from the generation of the criminal Putin, who does not know what pluralism is and does not accept it, do not touch it to that dirt, you will also be dirty. Only the name of his e-mail address is already funny, he is a slave.

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